Indium SMQ92H Type 4
SN 63 | 63Sn 37Pb Tin Lead
Solder Paste


500g Jar

This product is halide free, compatible with common conformal coatings, it has a clear, benign residue, superior stencil life, exceptional wetting in air reflow and offers outstanding print characteristics.

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Indium SMQ92H | Type 4 | Tin Lead | No Clean | Solder Paste


  • Alloy: SN63 (63Sn 37Pb)
  • Metal: Type 4: 89.5%
  • Mesh Size: Type 4: -400+635 (25 to 38 microns)
  • Compatibility with common conformal coatings
  • Clear, benign residue
  • Superior stencil life
  • Exceptional wetting in air reflow
  • Outstanding print characteristics
  • Halide-free

Product Data Sheet: SMQ92H Solder Paste Product Data Sheet

*All of our Indium solder paste is available in 10cc & 30cc syringes, 500g jars and 600g cartridges. Each paste is also available in different mesh sizes (types). If you are interested in any of these variations please contact us at 416-578-8070 or [email protected] to place a specialized order.



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