INDIUM® 6.4R SN63/PB37 Solder Paste



Take this opportunity to try our Indium® 6.4R Type 4 SN63/PB37 Water-Soluble Solder Paste. (89.5%).
One of Indium® Corporation’s preferred pastes, 6.4R Indalloy #106 is an excellent paste for air and nitrogen
reflow with an exceptional reflow process window. This paste provides exceptional stencil printing performance
with long stencil life and excellent response-to-pause.

This paste exhibits superior wetting to a variety of surface finishes and exhibits the best voiding performance, with fewest voids, reduced size of largest voids, and overall minimized voiding for: BGAs, CSPs, and BTCs (QFNs, DPAKs, LGAs, etc.)

Low-voiding water-soluble flux for solder paste:
Reduced largest voids, fewer voids, for BGA, CSP and bottom termination components, such as QFNs & DPAKs.

Exceptional printing process window:
Excellent response-to-pause, long stencil life, prints consistently at a wide range of speeds.
Wide reflow process window, excellent wetting on a variety of surface finishes, maintains tack over time, outstanding cleanability.

*Technical Data and SDS available upon request



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