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Here are some tips when paste seems to dry up too quickly

This of course is more problematic in the summer than winter, and also with tin/lead alloys and water soluble flux formulations are more prone to shorter shelf life than Lead free alloys and no-clean flux formulations.

Indium brand pastes don’t seem to exhibit this problem as much as other brands, but all pastes will respond better using the following handling and storage recommendations.

You may want to double check that our recommended storage/handling procedures are being followed.



Tip-down position for cartridges


Allow paste to warm to room temperature 2-4 hours before use (verify temperature before use).

For jar-packed paste, stir material with a spatula for 30s before use.

The ideal working environment is 23-28°C and 40-60% relative humidity (RH).

Paste should be kept out of refrigeration once it has been warmed to room temperature

Leftover Material

Keep the paste stored in the original container (sealed).

Store the solder paste at 23-28°C and 40-60% RH.

The factory recommends one scraps any leftover “used” paste. Do not put it back in the container with fresh material.

For jar-packed paste, repeat the stirring process when you go to use it again.

Any fresh paste that has not been used within 72 hours since it was opened and removed from refrigeration you should consider scrapping depending on which formulation you are using. No clean solder pastes, such as 8.9HF alloyed with SAC 305 have a refrigerated shelf life of one year, and a room temperature shelf life, out of the fridge of three months

Paste users that have clear, storage, handling and usage guidelines of their solder pastes, for their crew,  tend to have the least frequency of occurrence of premature issues with solder paste Rheology.

Developing your usage pattern, consumption, and making the right instructions for your crew is going to be the best way to ensure few or no defects and getting the maximum efficiency and solder paste usage.

One last important note: Make sure the sealed jar containing leftover fresh paste is not in a location where the sunlight is shining on it or air conditioning is blowing on it. This condition will dry out any solder paste.

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