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A customer recently asked me if I thought Indium brand WF9958 was a better liquid flux for selective soldering than WF9948 and I think it depends. Most customers like WF9948 for selective soldering because of it’s resistance to heat.

WF9948 seems to be very resistant to heat and holds up well under long/ multi heat cycles. One example might be if you have a multi pot system, for example the Versaflow 3, or if you load a lot of boards at once into a batch system such as the Pillarhouse Jade MK II with their large double railed work holder. The WF9948 might hold up better and resist “flux exhaustion”. WF9948 seems most popular, but I do have a customer that’s doing a DOE to compare the two right now.

I’m not saying either ERSA or Pillarhouse recommend these fluxes or anything like that, I’m just making some anecdotal observations based on customer feedback.

The Indium brand WF9958 is a bit more active than Indium brand WF9948 and it also has higher solids.

We also have two really popular no clean liquid fluxes for wave soldering: Indium WF9940 and WF9942. The WF9940 has a bit of rosin in it, and some people believe in that.

I’m finding customers with shorter and smaller machines, let’s say for example a Novastar Sparton, they like the 9940 better. Sometimes customers with longer machines such as the Vitronics Delta of 6622 seem to like the WF9942 better.

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